A small balancing patch has been released for Last Oasis this morning. If you’re wondering why it looks like your walker legs have been damaged, or your walker climbers health is at a minimum, its actually because they got a big HP boost this update. However, it take advantage of the increased HP, you’re going to need to crack out the repair hammers to bring them up to their new HP levels.

The full change log is below.

Change notes below:


– Doubled clan cap water penalty.
– Adjusted player effects of vitamins.
– Added bonus effect details to module stacks.
– Buffed health of all walker legs.
– Added spawn timer delay for respawning in desert.
– Increased max quality for all resources to 100.
– Increased walker climber HP from 100 to 1000.
– Nerfed Sinus Destroyer vitamin effects.
– Nerfed Weightless Module boost from 20 to 10, boost is now capped at 90%.
– Made Bullrush Module boost use percentage value, changed the effect from flat 2 to 3%, capped at 30%.
– Decreased Forager Module max effective stack size from 100 to 10.
– Decreased Lumberjack Module max effective stack size from 100 to 10.
– Made Torque Module generate torque 50% slower, capped at 50% increase.
– Nerfed Watery Module gain per module by 50%.
– Hearth module reduces respawn cost by 2.5% per module, capped at 25%


– Added Veteran rank – officer permissions without invite/kick.


– Fixed some vitamins displaying incorrect effects.
– Fixed gun and tool pods sometimes having broken rotations.
– Fixed turrets sometimes having broken pitch angle.
– Fixed some display issues of water to travel.
– Fixed unarmed combat being considered as damage to buildings.
– Fixed Schmetterling moving backwards faster.
– Fixed issues with steering levers placement inside objects.
– Fixed medium wings construction having wrong rotation.
– Fixed visual glitches with some attack animations.