No major updates this time around. We’ve included a summary of the updates below:


  • Disallowed building close to enemy walkers like with bases.
  • Improved checks for walker collisions when building.


  • Balanced weight of all equipment and buildables properly.
  • Lowered number of times a single iron rock can be quarried to 7.
  • Capped quality at 100 for the moment.
  • Significantly buffed water bags; 100, 800 and 2000 slots.
  • Lowered building costs of water bags.
  • Disallowed placing items in Campfire output.
  • Slightly nerfed Gas Bombs.
  • Significantly nerfed Sulfur Bombs.


  • Added unique icons for all backpacks.


  • Fixed claimed event maps using a wrong formula for proxy bonus.
  • Fixed incorrect pickaxe interaction with obsidian.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to interact with containers.
  • Fixed clan cap display for non-activated maps.