Hello again,

Flipswitch just released 0.8.3  patch which is the Brooklyn Update for EmergeNYC.

EmergeNYC a really decent game that simulates firefighting released the biggest update to date (4GB) on all branches. Main goal for this patch was to fix bad performance and multiplayer aspect of the game. Creator tried and managed to find some main components attributing to the lag and messed around with them to make them work more efficiently.

Multiplayer was redesigned to be more enjoyable and easier to join with your friends. The announcement for the release states that the game runs as smooth as it runs on single player when in multiplayer mode and 95% of all mechanics are synchronized correctly.

Over here is the announcement where you can read the whole changelog for 0.8.3. Click me!

Flipswitch released a hotfix soon after (0.8.3b) to fix some critical bugs that appeared after the Brooklyn update. Hotfix changelog can be found here. Click me!