Our server has been updated to Patch 1.2.29988.

Change notes below:


– Doubled clan cap water penalty.
– Adjusted player effects of vitamins.
– Added bonus effect details to module stacks.
– Buffed health of all walker legs.
– Added spawn timer delay for respawning in desert.
– Increased max quality for all resources to 100.
– Increased walker climber HP from 100 to 1000.
– Nerfed Sinus Destroyer vitamin effects.
– Nerfed Weightless Module boost from 20 to 10, boost is now capped at 90%.
– Made Bullrush Module boost use percentage value, changed the effect from flat 2 to 3%, capped at 30%.
– Decreased Forager Module max effective stack size from 100 to 10.
– Decreased Lumberjack Module max effective stack size from 100 to 10.
– Made Torque Module generate torque 50% slower, capped at 50% increase.
– Nerfed Watery Module gain per module by 50%.
– Hearth module reduces respawn cost by 2.5% per module, capped at 25%


– Added Veteran rank – officer permissions without invite/kick.


– Fixed some vitamins displaying incorrect effects.
– Fixed gun and tool pods sometimes having broken rotations.
– Fixed turrets sometimes having broken pitch angle.
– Fixed some display issues of water to travel.
– Fixed unarmed combat being considered as damage to buildings.
– Fixed Schmetterling moving backwards faster.
– Fixed issues with steering levers placement inside objects.
– Fixed medium wings construction having wrong rotation.
– Fixed visual glitches with some attack animations.