We are several of the GamingNow DJs (and support staff and guests) who started playing DnD a couple of years ago, and we stream our games on twitch using a combination of Roll20 for the maps, DnD Beyond for char sheets and some rolls, and actually good old physical dice (with cams) for other rolls.

We currently are running 2 campaigns, though this will change as we evolve, there is a 3rd already being planned.  These are:

Campaign 2

This is our 2nd Thursday campaign.  The first was the Water deep Dragon Heist campaign.  We succeeded, but in the process one of our party, the Dwarf Druid Glamraes Barrelmane got turned to stone.  There was a mini-campaign “Rescue Glam” to rescue the stoned Glam and to restore him.  This was completed but with some major consequences. We are now on campaign 2, which is to head north to help “fix” Glam who is also suffering from using dark magics. These sessions are DM’ed by DM Tythe.

The Candle Keep Mysteries

This is a series of one-shots merged together by the DM.  These will be longer sessions but each encounter should be completed in one or two sessions.  There will be several characters that rotate in an out of the stories.  Initially, these will be new characters but as the stories reach the level of the main characters there maybe some crossovers. These sessions are DM’ed by DM JJ


Campaign 2 happens every other Thursday at 7pm GMT and lasts around 2 and half hours.
The Candle Keep Mysteries are roughly once a month on a Sunday at around 12 midday GMT and last around 4 hours.
For more info listen to GamingNow the shows (especially JJs Friday night show), or check the Events in the Gaming Now Discord which will have the next of each Campaign listed.

Watch on our twitch channel.


Shows will be available on Twitch shortly after the session and will remain there for around 2 weeks.  Shows will be uploaded to our YouTube channel within a week of the session.


Note: This was won by EaglePoint for 2022. It is back for 2023 this time bot powered!

We’re running a competition across all games, and you could win $100!

You must be watching live.  When anyone rolls a natural 20 or natural 1 (on a D20 and it counts*) wait until the prompt in channel then you must enter #critwin (for the 20) or #critfail (for the 1), one per person per instance.  Each of these events will go into a separate raffle at the end of the show.  For each raffle, we’ll randomly (using more dice rolls) select one person that entered and give them a ticket into the main prize pool.  Additionally each time we have a critwin the prize pool goes up $5 and for each critfail it goes down $5.  When we reach $100 or at Christmas, we’ll do a draw from all the tickets and whoever wins gets the pot (probably in the form of a Steam voucher).  If that all sounds confusing, come along and join in you’ve nothing to lose and it will all fall into place!

GamingNow staff can join the competition (we don’t get paid and want to have fun too!), but can’t enter on episodes they are playing in.

* For example if a char with advantage where 2 D20s are rolled gets a 1 and 15 then only the higher dice counts (the 15) and therefore this isn’t a critfail.  Similarly, if rolling with disadvantage and a 20 and 14 were rolled the lower dice counts (the 14) and so this isn’t a critwin.  There are also other instances such as Stabby is “Lucky” and so gets to reroll 1’s, unless the reroll is also a 1 this wouldn’t be a critfail.

Current Prize Pot: $15

Current Tickets

Name Number of Tickets


The pot started at $20

Who Won Session Win/Fail Prize Pot
No entriesCandlekeep: Week 7Fail: Tazar investigation check and fail Arlo investigation and fail Tazar investigation check$5
No entriesCandlekeep: Week 7Fail: Ash and Quent cons save during trip$0
Palu_WhodaCandlekeep: Week 7Win: Ash perception in the scary village$5
Herr_OdenCandlekeep: Week 7Win: Ash wisdem saving throw$10
No entriesCandlekeep: Week 7Win: Quent wisdom saving throw$15
No entriesCandlekeep: Week 7Win: Ash cons saving throw$20
joske_allierCampaign 2 Fixing Glam: Week 5 Finish Them!Win: DM to hit Jax$25
ratbait2021Campaign 2 Fixing Glam: Week 5 Finish Them!Fail: Toxi to hit$20
trac1978Campaign 2 Fixing Glam: Week 5 Finish Them!Win: badger to hit$25
trac1978Campaign 2: Week 6Win: Accy attacking monster$30
joske_allierCampaign 2: Week 6Fail: CJ wand of scowls$25
Palu_WhodaCampaign 2: Week 6Fail: Glam strength saving throw$20
joske_allierCandlekeep: Week 8Fail: Tasar perception check$15
trac1978Candlekeep: Week 8Fail: Quent wisdom save$10
ratbait2021Candlekeep: Week 8Win: DM Bats imitative$15
trac1978Candlekeep: Week 8Win: Quent Baboon to hit bats$20
joske_allierCandlekeep: Week 8Fail: DM Bats to Hit$15
joske_allierCandlekeep: Week 8Win: Tasar hit bats$20
ratbait2021Candlekeep: Week 8Win: Tasar perception to see Quent$25
trac1978Campaign 2: Week 7Fail: Oriondai snow in mouth$20
trac1978Campaign 2: Week 7Fail: Glam for initative$15
trac1978Campaign 2: Week 7Win: Glam coming out of paralasis$20
trac1978Campaign 2: Week 7Fail: DM Yeti to hit$15
joske_allierCampaign 2: Week 7Fail: Toxi get attacked by a big cat$10
joske_allierCampaign 2: Week 8Fail: Glam rolling for survival$5
joske_allierCampaign 2: Week 8Fail: Toxi try to convince$0
joske_allierCampaign 2: Week 8Fail: Oraindai perception$-5
trac1978Week 9Win: Arlo to hit ooze$5
joske_allierWeek 9Win: Tazar death saving throw$10
ratbait2021Week 9Win: DM Meemlock against Quent$15
joske_allierWeek 9Fail: Quent dex from tentical$10
joske_allierWeek 9Win: Ash+Arlo strength check to get out$15
joske_allierWeek 9Win: Arlo arcane to detect thoughts and fail Mirror girl for detect thoughts$15


Original / Rescue Glam / Campaign 2

CandleKeep Mysteries