After weeks of waiting, the GamingNow Last Oasis server is live! If you have Last Oasis, get yourself off the rubbish official servers and come and join us, free from zergs and massive KOS-everything clans.

There are a few things you need to know:

  • The search feature within the Community Servers list is nerfed. Don’t use it. You’ll need to manually scroll through the list to find our server. Its listed as “[EU] Public Server”.
  • At this time, multiple oasis are not supported on community servers. As soon as the developers release this feature, we’ll upgrade our server.
  • The oasis we have chosen to run is a hard map, as it is the map-type which has most of the in-game resources available on it.
  • PVP is not banned – but
  • There are no large cacti on the map, which means you cannot harvest large cactus fruit, which is a key component to vision powder (need to craft any of the larger walkers). Rupu’s drop both the fruit and vision powder. We are also trying to keep a small amount of large cactus fruit available at the trade station. If you are really struggling to find it, speak up in local chat and someone from GamingNow will try and get some to you.