Its only taken us a decade. Okay, maybe a bit longer. But we’ve finally brought our website up-to-date! Things have moved on since we started EVE-Radio around 17 years ago(!). Back then, Internet Radio was much bigger than it is now, so we had multiple radio stations covering different games (Star Trek Online, EVE Online, Star Citizen). In fact, EVE-Radio was so popular, we have several different channels, covering a variety of genres, broadcasting simultaneously. While radio still has its place (particularly when grinding away in-game), other mediums have overtaken, particularly video streaming. As a result, we’ve made some big changes to adapt to the way we all consume content.

EVE-Radio and Subspace Radio have merged together to become GamingNow Radio. All your favorite DJs are still here – and, in fact, some legendary past DJs have returned! We’re still working out the finer detail, but you’ll find certain schedule slots are dedicated to a specific game, some slots will cover a variety of games, and some will focus more on just music. We’ll also have a greater focus on video content. Some DJs will broadcast both audio and video streams. Other times, the video stream will be completely independent of the radio – you might find our staff playing with, or against each other on their favorite games.

We hope you enjoy the brand new GamingNow website!