Eve Vegas 2015 – Player Perspective

Eve Vegas 2015 – Player Perspective

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Eve Vegas 2015 – Player Perspective


Eve Vegas 2015, I have been looking forward to this for quite some time. I had a number of people that I knew were going so I pretty excited to be able to finally meet them and put faces to their avatars in game. This was my 4th year attending. I have attended two during the time that it was player ran and started by the player “Zapawork”, and also now two that have been ran by CCP. Eve Vegas has gone a long way, from a conference with a few hundred people, to a actual convention with a store, demos, PvP fun and many panels to choose from. CCP has really outdone themselves and turning it into more, I have to say.

So this year, two of my corp mates were able to join, and I was excited to be able to finally meet them in person, along with a former corp member and a few players from Eve Radio and fellow DJ’s.

Day 0

I started the day by getting everything that I was going to bring with me the first day of the convention; packing up my laptop and other essentials handy if I needed to take pictures and notes, and whatnot. So this was a busy day of just prepping myself for the big day.

I also picked up one of my corp members from the airport, which just made me even more excited knowing that it was almost here after a number of months of waiting for it to start.

After dropping off my corp mate at his hotel, I went back home and set my alarm and then went to bed.

Day 1

CSCbZgKUkAAwUj0The big day! Yes! I get there despite some bumps and pick up my badge at the check-in table and then take a seat at one of the tables outside to wait for the opening ceremony to start. I did have the pleasure of meeting a couple people who came by and sat down with me and we shared some stories and it was nice being able to chill like that with people.

During all this I did meet up with my fellow corp mates and chatted for a bit. It was getting closer to the opening ceremony so I went over to the hallway where the doors were into the main room was. Before the ceremony they opened up the room where the store was located and we got to take a peek at some of the items for sale. I also couldn’t help but to notice some art that was displayed on the wall; player created art by Rixx Javix! I did have a ‘fan girl’ moment since I have always loved his work and just seeing them up there was awesome! I would have sniped one of each if I had the funds, but sadly I didn’t this year. I did of course snap some pictures of not only the art but various items that were on display to buy.

I did spy a CCP Guard answering questions and sporting his shirt with his selfie on the front. It was great; what can I say?

So after some looking around, exploring, and chatting, it was almost time for the opening ceremony! The official start to Eve Vegas 2015! The hype was real!

The opening started with a greeting and welcoming everyone to the event and then CCP devs started taking turns to announce various topics that were going to be highlighted over the course of the weekend.CSCcZSiU8AAAdED.jpg large

Went over some details on the history of the convention as well as other various tidbits and also showing a chart of various countries that were in attendance. Eve Vegas, 2015, was also … SOLD OUT! So, let me say this … now who’s saying Eve is dead? After the welcome we get to start on the topic of what we all love … INTERNET SPACESHIPS!

They briefly went over the trans-neural packets for skill points, but that didn’t seem like anything new that was included in the Dev blogs. We also found out that CCP is getting with the times and doing some much needed server upgrades.

Talked also a little bit about the new launcher, which I still find just … simply put … awesome. It was touched on and explaining what it was and saving profiles, logging into multiple accounts, and the like. The new launcher is also set to come out officially and out of testing by the end of the year.

We also found out that expansions are coming back! Yeah! I missed the excitement of a new expansion and the hype on changes that we were getting.

We got a preview of citadels and some of the new additions; like modules, rigs, and there was also a snapshot to compare the size of a titan compared to the size of the XL structure, which was … how can I say this … HUMONGOUS! I’m not exaggerating either, they are huge.

The cost of these structures are not going to be cheap either, no. The cheapest citadel (the medium sized one), is set to cost 608 Mil, and then we get up to the large and XL sizes. Lage will cost roughly 7 Bil and the XL was set to be estimated around 70 Bil, which is just for the stricture alone, and not including the cost for the actual mods or rigs; which … needless to say, going to be CSCUM4KUkAAlrmhpretty pricey as well; more on these new structures would be covered during the structures panel tomorrow; which was one of my panels that I was making sure to go to.

We also got a preview of some of the new capital ship changes, including the most epic announcement: Rifters being able to web/scam/tackle a capital ship. ALL HAIL THE RIFTER! On top of that, we got a preview of some of the new modules that were going to be made for capitals as well – Armor Plates, Shield Extenders, Propulsion Modules, Capacitor Warfare Modules, Capacitor Booster, Charges, and Batteries. Of course also the Meta Tech 2, and faction variations of the modules as well. So there is definitely a lot to look forward with capital changes.

Also: First Person Camera Mode! YES! We are going to be getting so much more customization options with the camera which does have me pretty stoked and would make it so much easier to capture screenshots of space and the wonderful graphics.

Next, we got a preview of a new D-Scan overview, which looks just amazing! If I do say so myself.

Not too long after, it was time to wrap up the opening ceremony and keynotes. Next event was the pub crawl with the developers, which, unfortunately I was not able to get tickets for.

I did get a chance to meet up with a former corp member, which was also just awesome, and just super cool. I was pretty happy with how the first day went.CSF6MM2VEAAPlJQ

Not sure what to do next, I was poked to come along to dinner with Signal Cartel; which despite my efforts Gabby and Mynxee both asked to come along saying that I was covered despite me not having any funds. I gave in and decided to go. Before dinner, I did get a chance to meet up with Mynxee and give a hug; which made me super happy! I also got a Signal Cartel snowball and sticker. I then met up with Gabby shortly after and also gave her a big hug. HUGS!

I was pretty happy that I decided to go because the people were just awesome and we had such a good time! Kicking back, having fun, and sharing stories like how we got into Eve and what we did ingame. I absolutely loved getting to meet everyone and was just a great ending to the first day of Eve Vegas. I was also just so honored to come along and just reminded even more how awesome and wonderful this community is at helping each other out. I can’t say thank you enough for doing this for me.

The community … I just can’t say it enough on how much I love it here and how awesome this community is, and I am always reminded that.

After dinner we head back to the hotel and I from there head home where I set my alarm again and get ready for the next day.

Day 2

CSHZaUPVAAA6sMhWell my preparations to make sure to be on time was a failure. I woke up about an hour late – I guess I really needed that extra hour? Well, I wasn’t that late, an hour isn’t that bad and lived close to the event, so it didn’t take me too long after getting ready to get down back to Planet Hollywood. I didn’t miss any of the panels that were on my ‘go-to’ list, so it was good. I got there with still plenty of time to explore more and just hang out with friends that I got to meet up and just chatting up and sharing more stories.

Morgan StarKiller and I did get into a couple rounds of PvP, which we lost both, however it was still fun to be able to do. We were at a little bit of disadvantage at this since the five people that we were facing (myself, Morgan, and three randoms) were all in the same corp, so they had that down. Regardless, good fights were had. I did learn something … REMEMBER TO OVERHEAT! I thought I would remember that from last year, but it looks like I didn’t learn my lesson since I forgot – Oops?

Fun was had, lessons were learned; good fights! Pew Pew Pew!

After that I did try to get my three corp mates with Morgan and myself so we would have a full team but we weren’t able to all meet up with everything going on. Fair enough, tho I continued to roam around and eventually I did run into none other than the Pope himself! Also known as Mas Singularity. I did get a picture with him as well as giving him a big hug, I was pretty happy. I wasn’t able to get on my knee because of my bad knee, but a hug did suffice. He did seem also just really nice in person too. I always loved seeing his posts online and how much he was always into character, his pictures, I just always found it awesome.

Next I headed to the CSM roundtable, however didn’t stay too long as I had a poke from Twitter from another that I had really wanted to meet; Coffee Rocks, the owner of the Broadcast 4 Reps channel ingame – something that has been close to my heart and a channel that I joined since day one, so meeting him, was on my list.CSG8W8ZUYAIZ9Cm

I went out to meet him, and was unsure at first if it was him, but he started walking up to me, said my name and said who he was. I gave him a big-big hug and we stayed in the area just chatting and getting to know each other; and I can confirm that Coffee is indeed pretty awesome.

Afterwards, I still had some time to kill before the structures panel so I roamed around a little bit more and met up with some more people. I was pretty surprised on how many people I knew that were there as well, but it was awesome as well. I loved it. I also got to meet one Space Gator from Eve Radio and that was super cool as well! It was great being able to meet him as well! We chatted for a bit as well and then not too long after headed to the structures section.

Citadels! That was the topic of discussion! Yes! here they went into discussions about various high slots, high slots, mid slots, and rigs along with other fun tidbits surrounding these new structures, which I am so hyped about!

Citadels will have service modules for various stuff, like stations – market service, clone service, reprocessing, and compression services. There will be rigs also for each size specifically; Services (as mentioned) and defense. As what typically happens, there is stacking penalties if you use more than one of the same type, so it’s not going to be worth it to really take that hit.

CSL-AKwUcAEQeN4It was also mentioned that there will be new fuel block types for these new structures; meaning new blueprints! Anyone who knows me, knows that blueprints get me excited, but sadly they didn’t go into too much details on those. But they did go into other fun details about the citadels; such as being docked up and being able to see outside the station! This one has me super excited! I love the graphics, and one thing I hate about sitting in stations is that I can’t see the beauty outside – Yeah the graphics still amaze me after playing this game for five years now.

They did say that on a list of ideas they had for limitations on what we can see, limiting the intel we can gather just by staying in the citadel. Being able to see bubbles on the undock would be awesome as well; so really no needing to undock to ‘peek’ outside to see if the hostile fleet has bubbles outside. Pretty nice in my opinion.

Citadels will also be customizable where you can actually position it how you want, including the undock positions, which also pretty cool as well; and being able to have that complete control? Yeah! Oh and … Docking Supers and Titans in the XL citadels? Am I seeing ‘sitter’ characters not needed anymore?

New UI as well to allow full customization on who can dock in that citadel as well as shareable profiles. You can even allow certain members from outCSHww65UcAAAuiiside in, but not the whole corp – So let’s say: “I don’t like this corp, but I do like this guy even though he fails for not being with our corp; so I’ll give just him access” – Burn.

Tethering is also a interesting thing here; If you are within range from the citadel and are not in a bubble or in combat, the citadel with ‘tether’ boosts to you and make you invulnerable. Any combat will end this tether but it will automatically re-engage once your weapons timer/combat no longer exists. Seems pretty interesting to see how that will work out.

What was running through my mind afterwards was how much all the new blueprints were going to cost me, and my corp mates made the joke about me and blueprints – “If there’s a blueprint, Erika will get it” – I love my corp mates!

Oh and we all like explosions? Yes? Well … We will be also seeing NEW EXPLOSIONS! Yup!

Citadel Hype is Real.

After this, I stuck around for the next panel; State of the Fleet, where Max Singularity was going to go over the timeline of achievements that we have so far and what’s to come. I will say that it really is amazing on far we have gone in this; from how JPL started to what it has been doing now – As Max quoted:‘Going where no man has gone before … literally”

After Max’s presentation he also demonstrated a prototype rover and asking for volunteer as ‘rocks’ for it to climb over – which a few promptly volunteered. This was pretty cool to watch.

One thing that I do want to point out and just say; I have just found Max pretty cool, and after seeing his presentation, it made me think more highly because of how passionate he is to his work and to science and space. It was really amazing and you could see it. Great panel!

It was really a great end to day two of panels. Of course it wasn’t the end just yet; we still had the Chateau party at the Paris Casino next door! When we got there the line was already piling up with everyone changed into formal wear and waiting for the lines to open up. So amazing to see, and soon the line was open and people started going in and filling the club! I was able to also meet a few people here, however I feel the highlight of the party was CCP stopping the DJ to sing “Killing is Just a Means of Communication” – which was just AWESOME! It was really great to hear them go live and not bad I haveCSIc20VUAAAuEhI to say.

Not too long after I did head out because it was getting late and I did have to drive home, so I went home and got some much needed sleep. It was indeed a busy day.

Day 3

Ah, the final day of the convention; the day that always gets me because it means the end and then people start going home. I have been just having a wonderful time overall personally; so there really isn’t nothing really bad that I could say.

The people are the main reason that makes these just so awesome to go to. Of course the panels are all great, but it’s about the people most of all. Seeing and hanging out with those you fly with and getting to meet new faces.

In any case, I get to the event center bright and early as the next panel on my list was to attend the “This is the Eve Community” panel.

If I had to make one complaint? This panel was too dang short! Thirty minutes is not enough time to cover how wonderful the community is and all the options that are out there for players to get involved in. I did love seeing Eve Radio on the screen too; good shoutout! Yeah.

There was one part in particular that hit me; Broadcast 4 Reps, a video that was compiled by Coffee Rocks along with CCP and other various well known people in the community. This is something that has been close to me, and it hit me so much because I have been wanting so much to see this channel for players to get out there and let players know that if they are struggling that they have this outlet for them – you are not alone! Never!CSIPcRWVEAAMcmY

Broadcast 4 Reps is a player created channel by Coffee Rocks that is there as an outlet for people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic, and any form of mental illness. It is a real illness, whether people see it or not; it is a real issue. We do lose too many people and loved ones due to suicide and it’s heartbreaking, so seeing this video was emotional for me to see. We have even lost people within our community due to this illness.

There were some comments about it not being a professional medical outlet and that is what people need to be doing not this? Well I have some words to say to that – You see, yes, getting medical help is always advised; however it can make the world of difference to someone who just wants to talk to someone who can relate to what they go through. It really does help. I can speak from personal experience.

It’s also things like this that does solidify my thought on the community and what lengths we go to and help each other out; despite wanting to shoot at each other on the battlefield.

The CSL37FlUcAAk1Vkcommunity panel was just great, and I still can’t say it enough how much this community does mean to me; just wish that the panel was longer than the thirty minutes.

Well after this I did meet up with Max again and he was dressed up in his Pope attire and I have to say that it was very amazing to see it upfront and not just in pictures. he looked great! I also got to take a picture with him dressed up in his cosplay as well as meet up with Coffee to also take a picture; and of course give more hugs! I couldn’t seem to give out enough hugs to people.

Next panel that I decided to go to was “Project Discovery” – a panel going over how they are going to be putting a new ‘mini-game’ for us to help aid in protein research – Citizen Science. Pretty interesting I think.

I left and started exploring a bit more one last time before the losing ceremonies and eventually took a break off toCSM5UzhUsAAwSgD the side of the hall to one of the chair where Morgan also joined me where we chatted a bit as well.

I also got to chat with Kira and also saw Sugar pass; who at first sight I didn’t know if it was her, but Morgan went up and confirmed that it was Sugar Kyle! I quickly got up to meet her as well (forget the fact that I completely left my purse on the chair I was sitting – Don’t worry, nothing happened to it, I got it after a few minutes after my fan girl moment went down a little bit).

She was indeed really cool and I have admired her for all the work that she has done for the players and how much of an asset she is to the CSM table.

After my fan-girl moment with Sugar, I went back to sit down for a few while waiting for the closing ceremonies to start and was also chatting with other people I have met over the weekend.

Closing ceremonies was pretty nice, though it was a bit sad as well because it was indeed just an awesome experience overall and I would definitely want to do it again!

It was worth the wait and only around 360 days left until Eve Vegas 2016!

See you guys next year!

~ Yumene Matsuri / Erika Mizune

Special Mentions:

  • Coffee Rocks <3
  • My Corp Mates: Magnus, Nikki
  • Eve Radio Listener: Space Gator, Mintaki
  • Sugar Kyle
  • Max Singularity
  • Kira and Proto of NeoCom
  • And many more others!

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