Bacons back .. in episodic form

Bacons back .. in episodic form

He's baaaaaaaaaack!


A few weeks ago we said goodbye to the long running Funkybacon show and shed a mournful tear as it passed into Eve Radio history. Everybody was sad and wrote break up poetry.

HOWEVER, unbeknownst to the masses we were secretly planning to bring it back after a little break in a brand new man portable format as part of our efforts to introduce original content to our network under a shiny new expansive gaming media brand.

Of course, that's not quite ready to go ... but we can't keep content this good sitting on the sidelines.

As such, here is the very first episode of the brand new Funkybacon and Friends podcast which I invite each and every one of you to download or stream at your leisure.

New episodes release each week and will do so going forward at 18:00gmt every Sunday.

We hope you will enjoy this first episode and would love to hear your comments, suggestions and topics you'd like to hear discussed in the future.

Welcome back to GRN Funkybacon and Friends!

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