DataCache: Life Insurance Policy

DataCache: Life Insurance Policy

2949.02.14_04:46SET To: scire_facias From: Guvnoir Subject: Sec Sweep


I’m in desperate need of your expertise.

Since we last crossed paths, I’ve been laying low. Was even earning an honest day’s wage until an old connect tracked me down in Stanton. They offered me a security gig at a secluded “trading” outpost on Yela and the pay was too sweet to pass up. Since the outpost was remotely operated, they wanted me on site to make sure everyone behaved themselves. I knew from rep that they’d become serious players from the days when we’d been running together, but the straight life wasn’t exactly the most comfortable, so against my better judgement I took the gig.

Everything went smoothly until an uptick in activity brought extra scrutiny to the place. Soon bounty hunters and other damn do-gooders started sitting on the place, looking to earn a few creds or make a name for themselves. All the action made it clear that the spot wasn’t much of a secret anymore. Of course, right around this time, I noticed the trading console they used for all their transactions was acting a bit strange. Sometimes it didn’t display the correct available inventory and other times it didn’t work at all. I tried a deep dive into the code to see what was wrong and discovered a backdoor. A skillfully placed one too. Even I missed it on my first sweep.

I haven’t slept since I discovered it. My employer is demanding a full report soon, but considering their reputation for very imaginative punishments, I’m not telling them a damn thing except that their system is locked up tight. I’ve closed the breach but am still frantically pouring over the code convinced I’ve missed more. No hacker this knowledgeable leaves themselves only one way in.

I need fresh eyes on this. Strange as this may sound, you’re the only one with the right skillset that I trust. If you can’t sniff out any further issues with the system, then I’ll finally feel confident that it’s secure.

I can pay. Can’t offer you much but it’s enough to make it worth your while. Plus, while you’re poking around, I’m sure you can gather some info on the facility that an enlightened individual like yourself can put to good use.

What do you say to helping an old acquaintance?



2949.02.14_21:03SET To: Guvnoir From: scire_facias Re: Sec Sweep

u shoulda stayed retired.

whatever few piddling creds u can ofr and details on 1 damn facility arent worth my effort. plenty of other work on the table.

happy to dish out some advice though – get the hell out of there while u can



2949.02.15_01:39SET To: scire_facias From: Guvnoir Re: Sec Sweep

Oh, I already considered disappearing, but I can’t spend the rest of my life on the run. I’ve worked for some brutes before, but this group has reach. I can’t live like that. I already have trouble sleeping.

My only option is to secure this system, play it cool for a bit, and then find a way to leave on good terms. The straight and narrow may pay piss poor but the chances of slowly being tortured to death are relatively slim in comparison.

I get your point about info on one facility not being enough for you. Would details on my employer’s larger network of WiDoW facilities do the trick?

Jumptown is only one of many such spots they’ve got spread across numerous systems. Before accepting the job, I snooped around to gauge the size of their operation. It was bigger than even I expected.

Anyways, I’ve been compiling a dossier on their network as a bargaining chip in case something went wrong. Never expected to have to use it so soon. It’s a lot of leg work, and nothing you couldn’t do yourself, but there’s enough here to make it a valuable get for their rivals.

That sweet enough for you?



2949.02.15_18:47SET To: Guvnoir From: scire_facias Re: Sec Sweep

send the file and access details and ill clean up the mess u made.



2949.02.16_18:39SET To: scire_facias From: Guvnoir Re: Sec Sweep

I knew we were friends for a reason!

Let me know when your clean up work is done so I can claim everything’s locked up tight. Once I’ve got some cover, I can begin to plan my exit strategy.


< attachment: LifeInsurancePolicy.ssp >


2949.02.18_05:10SET To: Guvnoir From: scire_facias Re: Sec Sweep


u were right u missed a few. tht was 1 crafty bastard accessing the system. ur employer has some powerful well funded enemies. good luck with phz 2. ull need it.



2949.02.19_03:59SET To: 671OitnO554401 From: scire_facias Subject: audit

told u ur security was shit. ive hacked vending machines that put up more resistance.

to make matters worse, only 1 administrator realized they’d been hacked. he removed 1 of the backdoors and ws smart enough to know there were more. id give him a gold star except he was so scared to report the problem that he went behind ur back looking for help. u r so lucky he came to me.

as ull see in my report, his opening ofr was complete access to his system. minor prodding got him to turn over info on ur wider network of facilities. the cost of buying back his dossier from me is included in my report.

if this isnt proof that u need me keeping ur systems secure then i dont know what is.


< attachment: ubscrewdwoutme.ssp >

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