Monthly Studio Report: February 2018

Monthly Studio Report: February 2018

Welcome to February’s Monthly Studio Report with updates from all of our studios to give some insight into what they’ve been working on this past month.
As our first quarterly release date approaches, the team’s been collectively hard at work completing the features for 3.1 while pushing forward on the continued development of Squadron 42. With that said, let’s get to it. February was an opportunity to catch up on some backend bugs and errors, as well as introduce a new, more regimented structure for code review, QA and deployment process. This much needed reflection of the team’s internal process will only make it more efficient throughout 2018.


Turbulent has been working on the block/ignore feature with backend work starting to match the design and front-end work already complete. The Custom Roles & Custom Emojis features are having small code reworks after an intensive code review. Diligence in keeping the code in order will only benefit the project as features are added. Expect releases to PTU with these features. The team has also been working on the Spectrum overlay in-game, and is in close communication with CIG’s game-dev team. This work is laying the foundation for additional features, such as Spectrum Voice chat, planned for later this year.


The team is currently working on version 1.0.1-alpha. This version will add consistency checks, specific to hunting down the p4k bug that has so far been impossible to reproduce. The aim is to have the new release in PTU hands before the 3.1 launch to Evocati.


A month after release, community feedback is still being reviewed on the additions to RSI. The design (contrast & colors) inside the platform bar has been revisited, and the team has been working on changes to increase readability for all users. The feedback has also provided UX with direction regarding navigation, and small steps have been made to help users find the items they are looking for on the site. Expect to see these changes soon. In the meantime, the team has taken the opportunity to solve some existing account/billing & subscription errors that PR has been dealing with. The hope is to reduce issues over time, which will reduce the queues and wait times. Work has been ongoing on a new version of the weekly newsletter. It will feature all the expected weekly content, an update on the roadmap, and a sleek new design allowing for better readability on different devices. Coming soon to your inbox! Platform is introducing a necessary tie in to RSI backend services Diffusion. This long-awaited backend work will give platform and the game the bridge needed for future features. The first of these features will be a UEC to AUEC ledger, connecting your UEC credit purchases on platform to allow for in-game purchases


The Player Relations Team has been curating and writing the many articles to appear in the new Knowledge Base. This library of articles is intended to help backers when they run into an issue. This will replace the current support page, and provide additional information to the ‘How to Play’ section that debuted last month. From this Knowledge Base page, users will be able to search for relevant articles, access and submit tickets. This massive increase to accessible information will be a boon to both players and the Player Relations Team. Turbulent will be leveraging the Zendesk backend, however they are currently working on a redesign of the knowledge base interface, creating a flat and simple UI. Designs are only in a preliminary stage, and hope to be complete in the near future.


The Turbulent Team supported the concept reveal of the Aegis Dynamics Vulcan. They had fun putting together the concept ship page and have been happy to hear the feedback it’s been receiving. The Vulcan concept ship event will continue until April 2nd. You can visit the pledge page here. February was a great month for the Star Citizen community. By this point, you have likely come to know the new show schedule, which includes Calling All Devs, an updated Reverse the Verse, and a refreshing new take on Ship Shape. Along with Around the Verse, also enjoying a slight revamp in format, these shows continue to bring you the latest and greatest information about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The team has also been taking the time to monitor feedback closely, so they can iterate on how to communicate directly with you, the Star Citizen backer. There’s no better way to get an answer about the game than straight from the mouth of the developers themselves, and Calling All Devs provides loads of great information while minimally impacting the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. In February alone our devs discussed a wide variety of topics on the show, including Org tools, mag boots, persistence, scanning, weather, the Evocati, and even the illustrious Tessa Bannister. Curious which questions will be answered next? Make sure to tune in! February also brought another installment of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. From the natural beauty of Xis and its protected species to the harsh brutality of QuarterDeck and the hardened prisoners who call it home, the episode provided a guided tour of the Kellog System. Last month also brought two new episodes of Bugsmashers! This show pulls back the curtain on the nitty-gritty details of game development, and even included a sneak peek of the Origin 600i. The Aegis Vulcan was introduced, and is now available through April 2nd. You can learn all about the Vulcan and its trifecta of support functions in the latest installment of Ship Shape here, or from a previous live broadcast of Reverse the Verse here. Distinctly based on your feedback, the Vulcan is also available in three liveries symbolizing its core functions: the base model bears military green for rearming, hazard yellow represents repairing, and CTR’s distinct blue signifies refueling. Intrigued? Find out more about this limited promotion here. More questions? Post them in the Q&A thread on Spectrum, and the top voted ones will be addressed in an upcoming Q&A Comm-Link scheduled for release on March 14th. Throughout February, the team has seen a tremendous amount of awe-inspiring content submitted to our Community Hub. If you haven’t stopped by and explored the hub recently, the team encourages you to check it out. However, they are not responsible for getting Yela Yell stuck in your head. Lastly, the Community Team is putting finishing touches on an official Request-a-Developer form that will make it easier to submit requests for developers to appear on streams/podcasts/videos. The team is excited to share how this process will work in the very near future.

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